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Have you wondered ‘how to get a free plagiarism checker?’, or how to check a regular Microsoft Word file for plagiarism, you might have found a few issues.

  1. Most services cannot offer even a free plagiarism test; they are pay-to-use right from the get-go
  2. The free tools do not give in-depth information on the text and its originality

Forget and shoo away your misery because we have a solution to all of that. Ladies and gentlemen – Plag!

  • A free plagiarism scanner that can check an unlimited number of words.
  • Works without trial, offering impressive features to all of its users.
  • Possesses a great track record.
  • Checks documents quickly.

With Plag, ensuring content authenticity has never been easier.

Discover the power of our free plagiarism checker and software

Our online plagiarism checker is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet a diverse range of needs. Whether you’re a university, a business, or an individual, our platform offers features tailored to ensure content originality. The table below provides a detailed breakdown of its accessibility, features, and the advantages it holds over competitors:

User Accessibility• Universities • Businesses • Private companies
• Web companies • Individual customers
Benefits• Global reach: Functions worldwide without restrictions.
• No word limit: Comprehensive checks regardless of document size.
• Detailed results: Authenticity, accuracy, valuable insights.
Access and cost• Entirely Free: Premium services are available at zero cost.
• Uninterrupted access: Achieve full access by recommending and sharing on social media.
Competitive edge• Specializes in detecting plagiarism, outclassing most competitors.

Our platform offers numerous helpful and beneficial features to test out! With us, you can easily avoid using, passing, or writing a total copy of something else, requiring only a few seconds of your time. Now, isn’t that easy?

Overview of our plagiarism checker software

Navigating the vast world of online plagiarism checkers can be daunting. With numerous tools available, it’s essential to understand what sets each apart. Our software is designed not only to detect instances of copied content but also to provide a comprehensive understanding of where and how the overlaps occur. The table below provides a concise breakdown of the functionalities, supported document types, benefits, and access modalities of our plagiarism checker software. Dive in to see how our tool can seamlessly fit into your academic or professional workflow.

How software works• Focus on the similarity between your and other documents.
• Risk analysis of plagiarism in your uploaded file.
• Detection of regular paraphrasing.
• Points out bad citations and erroneous quotes.
• Find matches within the text.
Types of documents supported• Articles • Essays • Reports •Coursework • Dissertation
• Medical papers or specific subjects (science papers, law documents, etc.)
• Bachelor thesis, master thesis, or any thesis.
Benefits of tool• Determines document originality, copy status, or quality level.
• Displays plagiarism percentage.
• Beneficial for educators, individuals, and businesses.

While the basic service package is offered for free, should you wish to discover the locations of the original papers and delve deeper into their details, that’s a premium feature. But don’t be disheartened! Simply share about us on social media, and you’ll gain access to these typically premium services without any cost.


Getting started with a free plagiarism checker

With our state-of-the-art free plagiarism checker, we prioritize user experience and simplicity. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly utilize our platform, from signing up to receiving detailed analysis reports. Follow these straightforward procedures to ensure the authenticity of your documents.

  • Sign-Up. Access our top-rated free plagiarism detector online with a hassle-free sign-up. There are no charges or hidden fees.
  • Easy user interface. After registration, you’ll find our platform user-friendly. Regardless of your age or region, the design is intuitive, making the plagiarism detection process simple and straightforward.
  • Upload your document.
  • Choose your checking priority. The speed and depth of analysis depend on this choice.
  • Wait for the check to complete. Note the queue of documents and remember you can change the checking method to speed it up. In the example below, the “priority” check option has been selected to receive a response quickly without waiting in a queue.
  • You will receive an answer about your document’s similarity.
  • Receive a comprehensive plagiarism report of your document. Our advanced algorithms and vast database ensure detailed scrutiny. The software scores your document and evaluates key aspects to determine if any plagiarism is detected.

With our straightforward tool, you can ensure your writing is original and hasn’t unintentionally copied any content. Follow our simple steps, and we’ll assist you in confirming that your work is genuinely yours.

Compare two documents: Spot similarities and plagiarism

Keep in mind that the duration of the plagiarism check can vary based on the length of your document. Here are some key points about our plagiarism check service:

  • Unlimited uploads. You can upload as many documents as you wish.
  • Free basic test. The basic plagiarism test is entirely free and without restrictions.
  • No word limit. Submit a document of any length.
  • No page size restrictions. Length and size constraints are not applicable.
  • Priority check: Opt for this if you need a quicker turnaround.
  • In-depth analysis. For those who want a thorough examination of their text.

Additionally, we provide a unique Tutoring service for a separate fee:

  • Our team of linguistic experts, all native speakers of your respective language, will evaluate your text’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • They’ll provide insights on how to enhance content, style, vocabulary, and structure.
  • If you’re keen on elevating the quality of your paper, our tutoring service is the best choice.

Our insights

When you type something up or check someone else’s text file for copycat acts, plagiarism, etc., there should not be a single worry or thought in your mind that prevents you from desiring or seeking out complete 100% originality out of any particular document. We can help you spot original ‘real deals’ and shoo away the fake and non-worthy texts + detect any acts of plagiarism. We check through everything. We evaluate every sentence, comma, and the document itself, inside, and out to find every clunky or non-original part.

More and more texts are facing the threat of plagiarism. Places like the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, and other countries all over the world are suffering more, and more plagiarism in different sectors of life, science, and the economy. With such a global concern, it’s crucial to have reliable tools like ours to combat this growing issue.

students- sharing-good-experiences-using-free-plagiarism-checker

Why do you and society need a trustworthy plagiarism checker?

First of all, let us begin by looking at things from the perspective of an individual user. Many people who work in an office and almost every single university or college student end up having to deal with texts and creative or academic writing virtually daily. This can be exhausting and may result in lower quality or copied content. Our software with complex algorithms ensures the uniqueness and exclusivity of uploaded texts. For individuals choosing our software to address personal needs, the platform is entirely free! Only pay if you wish.

For universities, our platform serves as the best possible free plagiarism checker today! It has a massive database to accommodate needs for checking different topics, finding citations, matching documents from multiple decades, etc. Plagiarism has been rapidly rising in the past couple of decades and universities have been inferior in the battle against it. However, with the rise of digital technology, platforms like Plagramme enable academic organizations to monitor their future alumni better, make sure that everything is done according to the rules, is legit, and represent the best qualities of the institution.

Regarding SEO agencies, creative writing bureaus, Ad companies, and many more entities that are at least in the tiniest bit related to text writing – our platform allows your texts to be unique and dynamic. No one wants to copy-paste. That is boring. We can make you see the errors, find weaknesses and help you and your content become unique while keeping it plagiarism free! Besides, you can monitor any website’s content for maximum authenticity and minimal plagiarism.

Benefits of free plagiarism checkers for individuals and organizations

User groupExplanation
Students• Avoids severe punishments for plagiarism.
• Can positively influence the final assessment of the paper.
Companies and businesses• Protect and prevent copyright violations.
• Crucial for global economies and industries aiming to maximize profits and minimize losses.
Teachers, lecturers,
and professors
• Makes academic work less challenging.
• No acceptance for copied or knock-off papers, thesis, or works.
• Helps preserve academic quality and honor globally.

The world’s first genuinely multilingual free plagiarism checker

We are very proud of being recognized as a national free plagiarism checker in 3 different countries. This is an achievement of which we are very proud. By using state-of-the-art detection algorithms, we can fully and fluidly process text written in:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Estonian
  • Slovenian
  • Czech
  • Latvian
  • Hungarian
  • Bulgarian
  • Macedonian
  • Ukrainian
  • 100+ other languages

The label we got; of being the world’s first accurate multilingual free plagiarism checker is pleasing and completely accurate. Test it out and see for yourself!

All digital

With innovations just ramping up in the 21st century, we are looking to stay ahead of the technological graph. In this ever-changing landscape of virtual technology, you have to stay ahead to satisfy customers. Our system is entirely digital, you only need to complete the registration, and your documents and data can be stored online.


Why choose it over anything else?

An excellent question indeed. At the start of the article, making such a bold claim without substantial evidence might seem presumptuous. However, as we explore the platform’s functionalities, benefits, and operational principles, its unique qualities become clear. Our platform boasts a myriad of features that distinguish it from other plagiarism checkers. These features ensure a smoother user experience, allowing visitors to use their time on the site effectively and productively, all without any cost.

We do recommend trying out at least a few plagiarism-checking programs before you make a decision on which one floats your boat best. In the end, however, even if you decide to try it out for the tiniest bit, you most likely will have to pay. See, most of the plagiarism checkers are pay-to-use while we allow you to pay if you want. Otherwise, you can share with us on social media and access pro or premium options for free! Can other plagiarism-checking services promise you the same?

Now that’s an offer worth considering…


Don’t hesitate any longer; our platform is saving your funds while providing a proper free plagiarism check. Our accessibility and ease of use surpass competitors by far. The in-depth analysis and insightful data from experts will boost your confidence as a writer, preventing failures and fostering growth.
Try it out for free today, and we hope we will see you around more often!

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