Guide to our free plagiarism check system


Welcome to our free plagiarism check system — a user-friendly platform tailored for your convenience. Using our unique credit-based model, we ensure strict checks for originality in every document you submit. Wondering how it functions? It’s simple! Credits are the currency you use to pay for document checks and any additional services we provide. Pricing is decided by the size of your document, ensuring you get excellent value for your investment. Our commitment to upholding originality and providing unmatched value is evident with our “Free plagiarism check” option, available to all users ready to spread the word about our unique services. Dive in and experience a balanced combination of efficiency, affordability, and trustworthiness.

Free plagiarism check

In addition to our paid services, we proudly offer a “Free plagiarism check” for our users. To benefit of this positive service, we kindly request you to promote our plagiarism check software by sharing about it on your social media platforms and other online spaces. Here’s how you can earn a free plagiarism check:

  • Recommend to friends. Directly email your friends to recommend our service using the built-in email bar on our platform. Please note: Friends should not register from the same computer or IP and must refrain from using temporary email services (e.g., mailinator).
  • Facebook share. Post about us on your Facebook wall via our integrated FB app. Make sure your post is public so we can verify it. The number of credits you’ll receive depends on the number of friends you have. Entertaining posts with positive comments may even earn you bonus credits.
  • Twitter shoutout. Tweet about us through our Twitter application. The credits you get are influenced by the number of retweets and followers you have.
  • Google+promotion. Mention us on Google+. Add our link to your list and detail your interactions or experiences with us. Every reasonable activity is reviewed and later rewarded.
  • Blog about us. If you have a blog on platforms like StumbleUpon, Tumblr, or WordPress, writing an original post about us can get you credits. Just ensure the content is unique and includes a link to our plagiarism checker.

It’s vital to understand that the “Free plagiarism check” can be availed only once. For optimal benefits, we advise getting free credits and subsequently applying them during the “Free plagiarism check”. Remember, any shots at cheating or creating fake user profiles will be useless.


For users who opt for our paid plagiarism checking service, the pricing is primarily defined by the size of the document you wish to check. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Competitive transaction fees. While some competitors charge up to 8 USD in transaction fees, our fee is only 0.35 USD per transaction.
  • Limit on transaction fee. This minimal fee is applicable specifically for payments under 20 USD.
  • Economical tip. For the most cost-effective experience, consider buying credits in bulk right from the start.

By choosing our platform, you’ll benefit from these economical advantages over other services in the market.

Uploading your document for plagiarism check

After you’ve uploaded your document, our system will begin the plagiarism check. There’s no need to stay connected; you can safely close the browser. Once the check is complete, you’ll receive an email notification containing an automatic login link. This way, you don’t have to remember your password every time—convenient reminders are included in our notifications. Upon logging in, you’ll see the results of the plagiarism check. Ideally, the detected plagiarism percentage should be below 5%.



Our plagiarism check system is not only user-friendly but also tailored to meet your needs and ensure the originality of every document you entrust to us. Through our innovative credit-based model, we’ve made the process transparent and value-driven. Whether you’re exploring our free plagiarism check option, facilitated by our community-based promotion system, or our economically priced paid services, we prioritize your happiness. With features like automatic email notifications and easy login processes post-upload, we’re dedicated to simplifying your experience. So, choose us for a seamless journey in securing your documents stay authentic, and always aim for a plagiarism score below 5%. Dive in, and let’s champion originality together!

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