How to check plagiarism?


For students, teachers, authors, and business professionals alike, the need to check plagiarism has become more vital than ever. Plagiarism is a persistent challenge, and across the United States, as well as globally, examples of plagiarism have seen a significant rise in recent years. The academic community, in particular, takes a strong standpoint against it, giving out harsh penalties to those found guilty. Whether you’re a student or professional, it’s essential to know how to check plagiarism effectively. This guide will walk you through the process of choosing the level of plagiarism in your document using our platform.

Is it possible to bypass a plagiarism check?

In a word: no. Most educational institutions, from schools to universities, require the scanning of significant documents such as theses and dissertations to for check plagiarism. When you submit your work, it’s almost certain that your institution will be looking for any plagiarized content. So, the smart move is to preemptively check plagiarism yourself using platforms like ours. This way, based on the results you get, you can make necessary corrections and guarantee the originality of your text.

In summary, you can’t sidestep institutional plagiarism checks, but you can be proactive. Using Plag, you can easily and efficiently check plagiarism before submitting your work.


How do teachers and professors check plagiarism? Do they depend on electronic or non-electronic methods?

Manually comparing content between two documents to check for plagiarism without electronic tools
is not only appealing in terms of effort but also incredibly time-consuming. Given the huge effort this method requires, most educators opt to use specialized software like our platform. Whatever students submit is typically scanned for duplicated content. With the efficiency of our platform, it’s evident that many educators trust it, or similar ones, to check plagiarism in articles, essays, reports, and research papers.

How to check plagiarism online?

If you’re seeking a free and quick method to scan a document for plagiarism, consider using our platform. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Sign up on our website.
  2. Upload a Word file. After uploading, start the plagiarism check.
  3. Wait for the plagiarism report on your paper. Wondering how to analyze the report? It’s straightforward. Upon opening, you’ll see your content alongside detected instances of plagiarism. The tool highlights the percentage of plagiarized content and even provides links to the original sources for easy reference.

Is it online or offline?

The tool is primarily an online platform. If you’re looking for an affordable online method to check for plagiarism, you’ll need to use our online services. However, after the analysis, you can download and view the final report on your document offline, as it is exported in PDF format.

How to check and analyze the plagiarism score?

For those interested in a thorough understanding of plagiarism checks rather than just a superficial overview of how to check plagiarism, this section provides valuable insights.

After completing the analysis, you can delve into various criteria and categories in which plagiarism is segmented. Here’s how to interpret the scores on our site:

  1. Above 5%. This is problematic. Such a high percentage could spell potential issues with academic institutions or employers. However, don’t worry; our online correction tool can assist in fixing this.
  2. Between 0% and 5%. This range often arises due to technicalities, especially in extensive research and analyses that pull from various sources. While it’s fairly common, always aim to minimize this percentage.
  3. 0%. Perfect! No concerns here; your document is free from potential plagiarism.


In a world where authenticity is important, the focus on plagiarism checks has never been more significant. As instances rise globally, care has become essential. With institutions increasing their review, proactive self-checks using platforms like ours are more than just advisable – they’re a necessity. Depending on manual methods is outdated; our state-of-the-art software guarantees thoroughness and accuracy. As you navigate your writing efforts, seek originality and stay informed on the specifics behind any plagiarism flags. Stay original, stay authentic.

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