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In the modern academic landscape, the need for a trustworthy, free plagiarism checker for teachers has never been more crucial. With just a click, a numerous of information becomes instantly available, increasing the attraction for students to plagiarize. As teachers, professors, and educators committed to supporting academic integrity and significant learning, you need effective tools to identify and neutralize this issue. Driven by our mission to fight plagiarism on a global scale, we offer free access to our premium plagiarism checker, tailor-made to meet the needs of educators.

Whether you’re responsible for high school essays or university-level dissertations, our platform provides a wide solution for detecting and addressing plagiarism efficiently.

The rising trend of plagiarism in academia

Despite putting research and original thinking first in educational institutions, plagiarism remains a disturbingly common shortcut for some students. This issue knows no boundaries; a rise in plagiarism cases is famous not just in the U.K., but also in the U.S.A. Considering this increasing trend, educators have more reason than ever to employ powerful tools for detecting, stopping, and adequately reacting to plagiarism. One such tool is a free plagiarism checker for teachers. Luckily for those in the educational field, Plag is not just another tool; it’s a wide solution specifically designed with educators in mind. And the best part? It’s free to use.

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Free version vs. advanced version – check for plagiarism online

As educators and professionals dedicated to supporting academic integrity, choosing the right plagiarism checking tool is essential. We offer both a free and an advanced version to serve to different needs. But how do these two versions compare, and which one might best serve your requirements? Let’s delve into the specifics.

Why Opt for the Advanced Version?

Our software serves as a free plagiarism checker for teachers, allowing you to use the basic version without any charge. You might wonder, what’s the benefit of boosting to an advanced version when the basic service is available free of charge?

  • Free version. Offers limited access to all features and is sufficient if you are just testing out Plag or are still in search of the right similarity checker or plagiarism detector.
  • Advanced version. Unlimited access to all features, ideal for regular and complete plagiarism checks during the school year.

Considering the increasing concerns about plagiarism, upgrading from our free plagiarism checker for teachers to the advanced version could be a smart investment. Your employer might even be ready to support this essential tool.

Features and functionalities

In today’s digital educational environment, a free plagiarism checker for teachers is more than a convenient tool—it’s an essential. With worries about academic integrity on the rise, educators need a powerful system to confirm the originality of student work. Our teacher account offers a wide solution that addresses these needs effectively. Below, we’ve outlined some of the standout features of our plagiarism checker for teachers, which range from basic functionalities available for free to advanced features for premium users.

Free features• Check documents for plagiarism
• View detailed reports
Extensive database• Over 14 trillion documents accessible to both free and premium users
Advanced access• Premium users have unlimited access to the most crucial feature: the in-depth report
Flexibility in
document types
• Every type of document is exactly checked for originality, from coursework to dissertations
Detailed reporting• Reports provide an in-depth analysis, showing whether the content is original or plagiarized
Multilingual ability• Bad and improper citations, paraphrasing, and other issues can be detected in nearly 20 different languages

Our free plagiarism checker for teachers offers a universal solution, prepared to handle a range of academic needs. Whether you’re interested in the free version or considering an advanced package, this tool is an essential asset for educators everywhere.

Free plagiarism checker for teachers – what are the benefits?

We have a growing client base that includes students, professors, businesses, and individual consumers alike, all of whom use our service for various purposes. One of the most critical benefits we offer, particularly for college professors and those in the education sector, is a free plagiarism checker for teachers focused on ‘Plagiarism prevention and effective management.’ Interested in more? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Accurate and detailed identification of plagiarized content.
  • Advanced AI-powered understanding of paraphrasing, eliminating the need for manual checks.
  • Very quick outcomes—most checks are completed in just a few minutes.
  • Identification of original sources and explanations, providing concrete proof rather than mere speculation.

In the past, it could take months or even years of careful analysis to decide if someone had plagiarized their work. Undetected acts of plagiarism could even lead to the awarding of bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degrees. That shouldn’t happen, and it’s completely within your power to prevent it. Scanning any document with Plag can quickly clear any doubts and confirm its effectiveness in plagiarism checking.

Unlike other services that offer nothing for free, we provide a free plagiarism checker for teachers, along with more advanced features available for a fee.


How do I sign up for a free teacher account?

To sign up for free access to our free plagiarism checker for teachers, please follow these steps:

  • Click the sign-up link.
  • During registration, be prepared to prove your teacher status.
  • Provide a link to the webpage of your educational institution where your email is listed.
  • Confirm that the email listed on your institution’s webpage matches the email you entered in the registration form.

Following these steps guarantees that you achieve seamless access to all the features of our free plagiarism checker for teachers, tailored to meet the unique needs of educators.


In today’s digital age, where the attraction to plagiarize is just a click away, having a trustworthy tool to detect academic dishonesty is essential. Our free plagiarism checker for teachers offers educators a wide solution to this growing concern. With both free and advanced options available, you can choose the level of scrutiny that fits your needs. Investing in this essential tool is not just smart; it’s vital for upholding academic integrity. Sign up today and make a significant difference in the educational landscape.

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