Review: Plag’s high rating in an external plagiarism checker assessment

Review-Plag's-high-rating-in-an-external-plagiarism-checker assessment

In a review on November 8,, a platform specializing in direct advertising exchange by connecting brands with website publishers in Ukraine, highlighted the important issue of text originality. The report titled “7 Free Services for Checking the Uniqueness of Texts,” critically evaluated various plagiarism detection tools. Plag was highlighted as a leading choice, securing an impressive second-place spot for its excellent plagiarism-checking capabilities. Impressively, Plag showed an average plagiarism detection accuracy of 99% in assessing Ukrainian-language texts, demonstrating its effectiveness and trustworthiness for regional users.


Review highlight: what makes Plag stand out?

Plag’s platform was recognized for its accuracy and user-friendly approach to detecting plagiarism in an extensive range of 129 languages. The company noted that especially impressive is the platform’s high accuracy rate in identifying similarities within Ukrainian texts—an essential feature for content creators focused on keeping content quality and originality in a region rich with its language and cultural content.

The review highlighted the suitability of Plag for a broad user base, from students to professionals, praising its ability to process documents in various formats and sizes. The tool was complimented for its detailed reporting structure, which does not simply flag potential plagiarism but also provides an in-depth analysis, offering users valuable insights into text paraphrasing, direct quotes, and probable sources of copied content. You can read more about our extensive report here.

Even though sign-up is needed, Plag suggests free access, with advantages greatly surpassing this easy step, thanks to its detailed detection methods and user-friendly interface in many languages, including Ukrainian.

Support for Ukraine

During these challenging times, Plag stands with Ukraine, offering more than just a plagiarism detection service; it has become a symbol of solidarity. In response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Plag has stepped up to offer free, comprehensive reports to Ukrainian users—a generous gesture that was highlighted in a recent article. This commitment, as outlined in the review, reflects our company’s desire to aid and support the Ukrainian community through these extraordinarily difficult times. We strongly believe that through such support, we significantly help those working to protect their cultural and academic integrity during these unprecedented challenges.


Conclusion’s assessment confirms Plag as a leading solution for text analysis, setting a high standard for accessibility and user experience. It’s not just about the advanced technology but also the straightforward ease of use that sets Plag apart from the rest. The platform’s extensive insights provide writers with the confidence to create original content that stands out, guaranteeing success and facilitating growth. Plag is the go-to tool for anyone seeking to advance their writing with the support of expert analysis and innovative features.
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