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What exactly is a duplicate? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a duplicate is something that consists of two related or identical parts or examples. In simpler terms, it’s a model of original content. This is where a duplicate content checker like Plag comes in convenient.

The following points outline the wide-reaching impact of duplicates:

  • Duplicates negatively impact content creators, academic communities, and businesses alike.
  • Due to duplication and plagiarism, cheating has reached an all-time high across all sectors.
  • Both commercial entities and educational institutions suffer when duplicates are involved; no one wins.
  • Educational institutions may lose their hard-earned reputation, students could receive poor grades, or even face academic penalties, and businesses can take financial setbacks.

For these clear reasons, stopping duplicates is crucial. We offer a simple, cheap, and discreet solution to this widespread issue.

Our free online duplicate content checker

Dedicated to helping eradicate plagiarism and duplication along with the problems it causes, the team at Plag has developed and successfully operated an algorithm-based online multilingual duplicate content checker. It can detect over 120 languages thus becoming an irreplaceable tool in the educator’s, business people’s, and most students’ repertoire.  You are not going to find better software dedicated to checking content anywhere on the web. With billions of articles in our internal database, you can access our platform, a premium, and advanced content checker completely free of charge.

Whether you write or have someone else’s written:

  • Article
  • Thesis
  • Blog post
  • Science paper
  • Any document at all that is up for publication or evaluation

Checking it for duplication is a very proper preventive action that individuals and institutions can both take to control fraud, shame, and all sorts of unfavorable outcomes.

The chances are that if you come across a different content checker, you’ll likely have to pay for access. Our platform is different. You can use it for free or opt to unlock a variety of premium features by paying. However, if you don’t want to spend even a single dime on a duplicate content checker, you can share our platform on social media to gain access to advanced insights and more. So, in summary, you only pay if you want to; the basic service is free.


Duplicate content checker – Is it the same as a plagiarism checker?

In short, yes. A ‘duplicate content checker’ is essentially synonymous with a ‘plagiarism checker.’ Regardless of which term you prefer to use, they mean the same thing. There may be other synonyms as well, but they all indicate the same function

How to benefit from a content checker?

Looking for the most effective way to use our duplicate content checker and its features? Your needs and benefits will vary depending on your role:

  • For businesses. Seeking to improve your website content? Our duplicate content checker is invaluable. In today’s digital landscape, SEO is crucial. By integrating our checker, you can significantly improve your SEO performance.
  • For students. Count on our platform to swiftly and confidentially check your Word documents for duplication or plagiarism. Our system generates a comprehensive report, highlighting areas of concern and potential points of plagiarism. This tool is valuable for essays, articles, papers, or even theses.
  • For educational institutions. Universities and other institutions can benefit by integrating our duplicate content checker into their internal systems. This provides round-the-clock, uninterrupted access to plagiarism detection. Faculty and staff can effectively identify and prevent academic dishonesty.
  • For individuals. Customize the tool according to your specific needs. Whether you’re optimizing content for a personal website or have other needs, having access to a trustworthy content checker is a definite win.

All in all, we believe our duplicate content checker is a game-changer for students, content creators, educational professionals, and businesses alike.


How does Plag work?

Welcome to Plag, an advanced duplicate content checker designed to make your life easier when it comes to verifying the originality of the text. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or an educator, understanding how to use Plag effectively is essential. Below, we outline the key aspects of using our platform.

Online-only access

Is an always-online content duplicity checker. This means that you won’t be able to use it when you’re offline or not connected to the internet. But don’t worry—in the 21st century, most people have constant internet access. Due to the huge storage needs (think 14 trillion articles), our software is accessible only online. Additionally, our platform is a cross-platform web-access software, consistent with Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, and more.

Sign-up and initial use

Once you’re online, the first step is to sign up—which is free. After that, feel free to test out the platform. You can upload a document from your hard drive or an external drive to initiate the check. Depending on the length and size of your document, the time it takes for the check to complete may vary. However, most checks are done in less than three minutes, sometimes even under a minute.

Understanding the results

If the duplicate content checker detects any signs of plagiarism, it is crucial to view the in-depth report. If the final result shows a plagiarism percentage higher than 0%, you should carefully review the report to identify the duplicated content. Depending on your needs, you can either:

  • Fix the issues yourself.
  • Return the paper for “repairs.”
  • Or consider the document according to your own criteria.

Correction tools

Don’t settle for anything above a 0% plagiarism rate. We offer a powerful online correction tool that can help you rectify any issues immediately.


Our duplicate content checker offers universal solutions for businesses, students, and educational institutions alike. Whether you’re enhancing SEO or safeguarding academic integrity, Plag has you covered. The best part? You can start for free and pay only for premium features if you choose. Don’t miss out—try it on your next essay, paper, or article today and experience outstanding results!

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