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For students, professors, lecturers, writers, and business professionals around the world, the use of a plagiarism tracker has become increasingly important for providing original content. With the vast amount of information being shared and uploaded to the internet daily, claiming originality in your work can be a real challenge. Dedicated software tools are available to track plagiarism in articles, blog posts, academic papers, and even scientific studies. With incidents of plagiarism on the rise each year, content creators and students alike need to be proactive. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences, even if the plagiarism was unintentional.

So why not stay ahead of the turn? Here are four steps on how you can do just that.

Step 1: Using a plagiarism tracker to check and prevent plagiarism

Explaining the basics of plagiarism may seem senseless; most people understand that it involves claiming someone else’s work as your own. However, the consequences of committing plagiarism can be severe:

  1. For students. Plagiarism can lead to poor grades, suspension, or even expulsion. Academic honors can also be withdrawn.
  2. For professionals and businesses. Legal consequences such as lawsuits for copyright violation are a real threat.

Given these risks, opting to use an online plagiarism tracker is a smart decision.

Fortunately, you’ve landed on the right page. Our platform offers the best free plagiarism checker available. Sign up and try it for free to discover its features.


Step 2: Learning how to use a plagiarism tracker

Registering for a plagiarism tracker service is a crucial first step, but it’s only effective if you can use the software efficiently. Plag is not just another plagiarism checker; it’s a complete plagiarism tracker designed for ease of use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register and log in. The first thing you need to do is create an account and log in to our plagiarism tracker platform.
  2. Upload your document. After logging in, you’re ready to upload the paper or document you’d like the plagiarism tracker to analyze.
  3. Start the check. Once your document is uploaded, initiate the plagiarism scan through the tracker interface.
  4. Wait for the results. Users of the free version of our plagiarism tracker will have lower priority and might experience longer wait times for the analysis to complete.
  5. High-priority check. By adding funds to your account, you can elevate your document to a ‘high-priority’ check for quicker analysis through the plagiarism tracker.
  6. View and download the report. Premium users have the option to view and download a detailed plagiarism report in PDF format from our plagiarism tracker interface.

The report from our plagiarism tracker reveals every issue it finds in your document. Whether it’s a similarity to a thesis from a student in Arizona dated back to 2001, or any of the 14 trillion documents in our library, Plag will alert you. Plagiarized content will be color-coded for easy identification. Additionally, our platform supports over 120 languages and can detect paraphrasing, poor citations, and more.

Step 3: Fixing the document or getting more out of the plagiarism tracker software

When using our plagiarism tracker, you’ll find a host of features designed to not only identify but also help you correct any instances of plagiarism. Here are some key functionalities that can help you in seeking for originality and excellence in your writing:

  1. Plagiarism score. If the final evaluation from our plagiarism tracker indicates a plagiarism score above 0%, aim for improvement. A score of less than 5% may simply be ‘technical similarity,’ but there’s always room to refine your work.
  2. Online correction tool. Offers an online correction tool to help you improve your document instantly.
  3. Initiate a deep scan. For a more detailed examination, use the deep scan feature in Plag. This advanced scan goes into greater depth, showing even little issues and identifying the root causes.
  4. Tutoring service. If you want professional guidance, opt for our tutoring service. Subject matter experts will provide you with tailored advice to boost your writing.

By making use of these features of our plagiarism tracker, you’ll be better prepared to guarantee the originality and quality of your work.


What happens if I have questions?

Feel free to send us your inquiries, questions, suggestions, or error reports via email or through the support chat, which you’ll find on the right-hand side of the screen once you’ve logged in. We highly value your input and will respond as soon as possible. Take the proactive step of staying ahead in tracking plagiarism!



The value of using a plagiarism tracker is evident for anyone who develops or sets written content. With increasing cases of plagiarism and easy access to information online, it’s more crucial than ever to guarantee the originality of your work. By proactively employing a reliable plagiarism tracker, you’re not just avoiding penalties—you’re also upholding academic and professional integrity. Take that crucial step today!

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