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Are you regularly checking your documents for plagiarism with a plagiarism scanner? If the answer is no, then this article is a must-read for you. We’ll explore why using a plagiarism scanner is not just a good practice, but essential for anyone involved in writing—be it as a student, a business professional, or an academic researcher. Overlooking this critical step can lead to negative consequences, ranging from a tarnished reputation to potential legal issues.

So, stay with us to discover how a plagiarism scanner can serve as an essential tool in safeguarding the originality and integrity of your work, thus improving your career, business, or scholarly purposes.

The importance and functionality of a plagiarism scanner

The line between original work and plagiarized content can often blur. Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or a business, understanding and avoiding plagiarism is crucial. Enter the plagiarism scanner—a tool designed not only to detect but also to prevent plagiarism. In the following sections, we delve into what a plagiarism scanner is and why it’s an essential tool for anyone involved in writing.

What is a plagiarism scanner?

If you haven’t already realized, a plagiarism scanner is specialized software designed to detect plagiarism in various types of documents. The software scans your document and compares it against a vast database of articles. After completing the scan, it provides results indicating whether your thesis, report, article, or any other document has plagiarized content, and if so, specifies the size of the plagiarism.

Why use a plagiarism scanner?

The consequences of being caught with plagiarized content can be severe. Students risk expulsion from their educational institutions, while commercial authors could face lawsuits for copyright violations.

Taking proactive steps to stop any plagiarism before submitting your work is a wise move. Keep in mind that most educational and commercial institutions are required to report instances of plagiarism when detected. It’s important to be careful and take the initiative to check for plagiarism yourself.


What is the best plagiarism checker/scanner around?

Choosing the right plagiarism scanner depends on your specific needs and expectations. At our platform, we aim to offer a universal solution that works across various platforms including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and Mac. We believe that making our software as accessible as possible benefits society at large.

Why Choose Plag?

  • Free access. Unlike other platforms that require payment upon sign-up, Plag allows you to start using the tool for free. Although some advanced features are paid, you can unlock them by simply sharing positive feedback about us on social media.
  • Multilingual capability. Our tool supports over 120 languages, making it one of the most universal plagiarism scanners available.
  • Extensive database. With a database of 14 trillion articles, if our plagiarism scanner doesn’t detect plagiarism, you can be assured that your document is original.

Take advantage of 21st-century technology to ensure your writing is unique and free of plagiarism. With our platform, you can submit your papers confidently, knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure originality.

Will anyone know if you use a plagiarism scanner?

This is a reasonable concern that we often hear from individuals who eventually choose to become our clients. Rest guaranteed, the answer is ‘no.’ Your use of our plagiarism scanner for document checking remains confidential. We prioritize discretion and professionalism, providing our clients with 100% security and privacy.

What extra features do I get access to if I opt-in for the premium version?

To access the features of the ‘Premium’ version, you’ll need to add adequate funds to your account. These features are particularly beneficial if you’re seeking a long-term solution from a plagiarism scanner. Here’s a detailed look at each:

  • Individual tutoring. For an additional fee, you can receive one-on-one tutoring from a specialist in your topic area. They will provide targeted insights and recommendations to enhance your work and answer any questions you may have.
  • Faster checks. If you’re working with a large document that needs immediate analysis, you can expedite the scanning process. While a standard check takes approximately three minutes, waiting times could increase for longer documents with more comprehensive reports. Avoid delays by opting for faster checks when necessary.
  • Deep analysis. This feature offers a more thorough review of your text, potentially uncovering additional issues and offering new perspectives on your content.
  • Wide reports. Receive a detailed report for each scan, covering everything related to plagiarism in your document. This includes poor citations, similarities, and potential risks—all clearly highlighted.

While the free version serves as an adequate introduction, opting for premium access unlocks a comprehensive suite of features. By investing in the premium version, you not only significantly improve the integrity and quality of your work, but you also achieve peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that you’ve protected your content against any form of plagiarism.



Using a plagiarism scanner is an essential step for anyone involved in writing. With stakes as high as academic expulsion or legal consequences, the importance of originality cannot be overstated. Tools like Plag offer you both free and premium options to guarantee the integrity of your work. By making plagiarism scanning a regular part of your writing routine, you safeguard your reputation and your future. Don’t wait for problems to find you; be proactive and find them first.

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